Specialisation Research!!!

Okay so, basically through out the trimester it was our job as students to part take in a research assignment of our choosing. As an animator I have decided to pick something related to animation.

Basically for my other class (CIU major project development) im producing a short film about a Rubik’s cube. I figured kill two birds with one stone and learn how to animate emotion into an inanimate object, in this case it being a cube.

Yes our Rubik’s cube will have limited facial expressions and we will be able to manipulate the feel of the piece using visual ques as well as music, but the point of this exerciser is to gain awareness as to what it takes for emotion to be communicated entirely from movement alone.

So where do I start? Good question dan I’m glad you asked.
I tried researching topics about emotions in inanimate objects, and after having trouble finding anything relative I remember Phil saying that it was us that are meant to be doing the research, not imitating the answers that others have already found.

I then began to thinking of the best plan of action. I will analyse clips of people acting in various emotions and then try and use these same principles and apply then to a cube.
My final goal is to have my cube convey 3 different emotions.