So its finally time that I’m analysing short videos of people in different emotional states.
Which emotions do I i choose to try and replicate, remember I’m only doing three.

Well again trying to be efficient and effective as possible, the character in my film will need to display excitement, sadness and love. All every broad physiological states, but maybe this is a good thing and will allow for much flexibility in terms of what will and what wont work.

So I googled “acting excited” and came across a few examples i suppose, none of which really stood out to me. I think they were mainly just all inconsistent armature actors posting their acting monologues in hope of becoming known. It then occurred to me that maybe i should be searching for another key word to give me videos i can actually work with.
The best type of acting is the type where you aren’t trying to act. I think what I’m trying to say is I need to think of something that excites people and observe their genuine reaction.
So I ask myself, what excites me? opening presents excites me.
I’m now watching videos of children opening presents.

My favorite example thus far.

Common denominators are things like quick movements, failing to remain still, loud high pitch noises and always a happy expression. The only thing my cube cant and wont do is speak or talk or make any noises. I’m still looking forward to challenging myself.