BabyX generation 3 is a simulation of a brain driving a simulation of a face created by
Dr Mark Sagar

Autonomous animation (self animated)

It has variable inputs such as sight and hearing, and will react based upon these inputs.

It has learning capability as seen in a technical demonstration of BabyX saying the words of simple farm yard animal pictures.

The Uncanny Valley

Originally coined by Masahiro Mori in 1970, the term “uncanny valley” describes our strange revulsion toward things that appear nearly human, but not quite right. This revulsion usually involves robots, but can also include computer animations and some medical conditions.


With the inprovment to computer hardwear, we are able to get much more realistic real time render results. Such as BabyX 3

BabyX Original


Entertainment – games/virtual families or game characters reacting on your facial expressions.

Digital signage/marketing

Education – Helps children with autism for example when you want to engage with a child but on an emotional level. Long distance Learning. Allows the teacher to gauge an emotional reaction to various questions.

Health care

Anti robotic – natural interaction, making the computer feel like a living thing. Example, we would interact with a pet dog very differently to how we would react with a stuffed toy dog.

Not scary, making you more connected with information in a more natural way.


Not just a hollow model.

Internal organs are actually functioning.

Running off an accurate neural net simulating chemical balances in the brain.

This software is not limited to a babies face, any model can replace the current avatar.



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