Post Mortem

Daniel Miltinan – 1000254

Project 2 – Post-mortem

Project Title: 11 second club

Project Overview

The brief for project 2 consisted of animation to a specific audio file supplied by the 11 second club. The 11 second club is a website for animators. They hold a new competition each month. Each audio clip for the competition is selected at random from a famous tv show or film. The audio clip will go for 11 seconds hence the name of the website. It was our job to enter the march competition. The audio snippet was chosen from the movie “Mean Girls”.

Voice 1: ” Um…Is there alcohol in this?”

Voice 2: “Huh! O God honey, NO! What kind of a mother do you think I am? Why, do you want a little bit? ‘Cause if your are going to drink it, I’d rather you do it in the house.

After the month is up, all of the members to the website are given the opportunity to vote and comment on their favorite entries.  


Key Accomplishments

Entering the competition was an awesome achieve for me. I’ve heard of this website a few years ago, but i was never confident enough in my ability to actually construct an entry. Never before had I animated to audio let alone sync up the mouth movements to match the sound accurately. As the deadline drew closer and closer, I was managing to hit my milestone goals to allow for smooth production. The highlight for my production was actually capturing reference footage of myself. I did multiple takes from various angles and to this day i vow nobody will ever see it. It was incredibly funny to act and even funnier to re watch, but it arguably played the most important part of the project being the foundations of the animation and the building blocks I kept referring back to. I place 219th out of 310 entries and came 2nd out of the five people in my class who did the same project. For my first attempt I feel as if it was an awesome result, I can only improve my ability from here.


Key Problem Areas

Unfortunately not everything in this project went according to plan. I had trouble sourcing the rigs I used for animation. Norman is a pretty standard rig that I’m fairly familiar with to use for animating, but the audio used was of two female voices. Luckily enough a fellow class member brought to my attention the existence of a female norman rig created by a member of the maya community. The controls were exactly the same as norman, the only thing that differed was the appearance. Another problem I kept running into was the splinning of the a character. When you start animating something with numerous controls, the splinning can easily get out of hand. I had to restart the process 3 times. This was very time consuming, even the final product wasn’t perfect splinning is something i need to focus on a little bit more. I played around with lighting for this project too. It wasn’t a requirement but i’ve always wanted to have the ability to make renders look pretty. It was also slightly tedious and I didn’t end up using the lighting system in the end anyway. You could only see the lights in the final render, but I ended up using a playblast instead or a render. Playblasts are much quicker to produce and towards the end I was getting pretty pressed for time, so I decided it was best to just use a play blast. This decision doesn’t change the way the animation plays out but just the appearance of the final product. The 11 second club community  does seem to have a basis towards the ‘prettier’ animations meaning those of which that are rendered.   


Post Project Tasks/Future Considerations

Now that the deadline has concluded and the videos have been voted on, members have a chance to leave a comment or critique your work beyond just a numerical value. Gaucelm de Villaret commented “Some good concept, but lacks finesse/solidity for an even better interpretation.” and Fernado Incetta – “Good idea overall, try to rely less on the automated splines and work more on your pose-to-pose. Good luck.”. These are rather general comments, but im glad they took time out of their day to leave them for me to read. Now I have the opportunity to fix up the animation for my portfolio.  Previously mentioned the lighting could have been worked on.